Think again about repentance

Most people will be surprised when they find out what repentance really means. To start it is important to know what it is not.

  1. It is not saying sorry.
  2. It is not asking for forgiveness.
  3. It is not confessing sin.

These are the three main definitions hat people would expect but the actual biblical meaning of repent in the new testament is to change your mind. Nothing more and nothing less. It means to change the way you think. Notice that there is no guilt, shame or condemnation when you repent.

It is a lot easier to ask someone to consider changing their mind, or to look at something differently. When the bible says repent and be saved it is asking the hearer to change what they think about Jesus.

In the Old Testament repent means to turn around or turn away from. But it is a completely different word in the New Testament. How much easier would it be if we were to actually follow what the bible says and simply change the way we think?